No.1 - Kowloon Fortress[edit | edit source]

This Sidequest must be done BEFORE you beat Kuihai Tower.

You can unlock this Sidequest when you get to the scene with Alice chained up in Dehuai's Tower. There are three prompts, and three possible answers for each.

Prompt 1: Well then, shall we begin? Hee hee hee... I hope you enjoy this. Now, answer me!

1st Option: Quit it, you dirty old man!
2st Option: This strange machine is so sexy!
3st Option: Please don't hurt me...

Prompt 2: Okay, here it comes!

1st Option: Just get away from me!
2st Option: This scary tower is sexy, too!
3st Option: Please, stop...

Prompt 3: Okay, one more time!

1st Option: (Ignore him)
2st Option: But YOU'RE the sexiest!
3st Option: Forgive me...

Choose the three first options, and that's the unlocking bit done. You then have to go down to the Smuggler's boat, and choose to set sail.Demon Rays (talk) 10:07, 9 May 2009 (UTC)

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