As he appears in Asia


As he appears in Europe


The Silent Peddler is a minor character in Shadow Hearts who is first encountered as the Wandering Merchant/Lost Peddlar, in Zhaoyang Village, gifting the first discount card, the Snake Card.

He is later found in Fengtian where he'll give out a free pedometer.

He can be encountered in many locations in order to exchange steps for prizes. He also occasionally sells items as the "Tight-lipped Merchant".

In the Asia sections of the game, he can be recognised by his distinct dǒulì hat. In the Europe section he is less distinct and wears standard Western attire.

Pedometer ServiceEdit

Your accumulated steps can be exchanged for prizes as a type of currency.

Pedometer Step Exchange
Item No. of Steps
Sh1itemlogo Thera Extract 100
Sh1acessorylogo Voodoo Doll 300
Sh1acessorylogo Weird Bottle 800
Sh1acessorylogo Iron Clogs 1500
Sh1acessorylogo Flash Badge 2500
Sh1itemlogo Moon Swallow 3500
Sh1itemlogo Star Swallow 5000
Sh1itemlogo Monkey Paw 6500
Sh1itemlogo Silver Hand 7000
Sh1acessorylogo Belt of Power 8000
Sh1armourfemalelogoExclaimationicon Leather Suit 10000

Pedometer SalesEdit

You can buy additional pedometers from the Silent Peddler for 2000 each.

Silent Peddler
Item Price
Sh1acessorylogo Pedometer 2000


Occasionally, the Silent Peddler will be available to purchase items from.



Tight-lipped Merchant
Item Price
Sh1acessorylogo Weird Bottle 18000
Sh1itemlogo Thera Extract 5000
Sh1itemlogo Mana Extract 10000
Sh1itemlogo Pure Extract 20000
Sh1itemlogo Third Key 30000

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