Sh2accessorieslogo Silver Chair
Silver chair
Shadow Hearts: Covenant
"For use by Gepetto. Makes people protect him."

The Silver Chair is a rare accessory found only in Shadow Hearts: Covenant and equipable only to Gepetto.

It is sold just before leaving Europe in the Paris junkshop in the Cathedral district. When equipped, it allows other characters to block attacks made against Gepetto if his health is drastically low. It also increases his stats as well.

Chair covered in silver cloth. It has no magic at all, but it protects the old and makes the youth more respectful - a fine thing in these troubled times.

+2 +2 +2 +2

Buy Price: -
Sell Price: 10

Special Effect: When Gepetto is in critical health, party members will randomly step in and take a hit for him.

Equippable: Gepetto.


  • On Japanese public transport, a Silver Seat is priority seating for the elderly.

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