ShI monsters 065
Shadow Hearts
HP 450
MP 500
Element Element light Light
P-ATK 160
P-DEF 41
Sp-ATK 78
Sp-DEF 60
AGL 46
LUC 47


Location Calios Mental Hospital
Immunities -
EXP Gained 1600
Cash 950
Soul Worth 2
Item Drops Black Tortoise Fang

Bestiary EntryEdit

Changed form of an Inquisitor who guards Calios Mental Hospital. Magic has turned him into something inhuman.

Battle StrategyEdit

These creatures are like mini bosses since you only encounter a limited amount of them. They can endure quite a bit of damage, and can cause Confusion which can be really annoying.

So have a Bone Bracelet equipped to stop that annoying ability. Since they are Light-aligned they can cast Nova, so watch out! They are always two of them during a battle, so if you want an easier method have Yuri fuse into a dark fusion monster and use their abilities.

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