Spikes is one of the few accessories that changes with each game. In Shadow Hearts, it is a status-resisting accessory. It resists Knockback, which forces the affected in the back of the battle row. In Shadow Hearts: Covenant, the equipped automatically behaves like Resist Defense (damage is lower and the received does not get pushed aside, but SP is consumed with each hit). In Shadow Hearts: From the New World, the equipped can resist attacks that chop down the Stock Guage. But, again, SP is consumed with each attack.

Shadow Hearts


The spikes of the base-stealing king, Quick-shoe Joey. Made from water buffalo leather and set with silver spikes, they render Knock Back ineffectual.

Shadow Hearts: Covenant


Made the same year Matthews, the wizard of the Dribble, was born. He became the sensation of Europe wearing these boots. Allows Resist Defense during battle.

Shadow Hearts: From the New World


The favorite spikes of Lil Saba, pinch-runner supreme with a 99.7% stealing average. His skill in avoiding base throws helps prevent Stock Decrease attacks.

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