Status abnormalities can influence or change the gameplay and function of characters in battle. Some do damage, restrict battle options, or just crush all hope. Fortunately, status abnormalities recover after each battle. Otherwise there is special healing magic and items to cure them.

Status AbnormalitiesEdit

Poison Poisongif Slow damage to the afflicted, reduces HP after each turn. Can stack to become Deadly Poison.
Deadly Poison Deadlypoisongif Increased damage to the afflicted, usually after getting poisoned previously
Seal Sealgif Target cannot use magic or special arts
Paralysis Paralysisgif The affected get a turn, but cannot act.
Mental Break Mentalbreakgif Slow damage to MP over time, reduces after each turn.
Panic Panicgif Affected loses triple SP per turn.
Knockback Notapplicable A special ability recoil, forces affected to the back of the battle row (Shadow Hearts/Koudelka only)
Confusion Confusesatuseffect Affected may attack allies and enemies indiscriminantly (Shadow Hearts only)
SP Lowering Notapplicable Affected loses a large chunk of SP after attack
Petrify Petrifygif The affected cannot act and behaves as if unconscious. They cannot gain experience if not cured before the end of battle. If all party members are petrified, the game is over.
Instant Death Notapplicable Instantly reduces HP to 0 after an attack
Apathy Stkapathy Affected cannot regain Stock after each turn (From the New World)
Blood Loss Notapplicable Odds of reducing half of target's total HP after an attack (From the New World)
Berserk Berserkgif Only occurs if SP drops to zero, the affected character can no longer be controlled by the player, and attacks allies and enemies indiscriminantly, and behaves randomly. They cannot gain experience if not cured before the end of battle.
Unconsciousness Notapplicable HP drops to zero, and the character cannot gain experience if not revived before the end of battle.

Parameter AbnormalitiesEdit

Physical Attack Down Ptackdown Physical Attack drops by 30%
Special Attack Down Stacdown Special Attack drops by 30%
Physical Defense Down Pdefdown Physical Defense drops by 30%
Special Defense Down Sdefdown Special Defense drops by 30%
Evasion Down Evasiondowngif Evasion drops by 30%
Slow Slowring Turn Interval speed drops by 50-60%
Delay Notapplicable Next turn is delayed, works hand-in-hand with Slow (Covenant Only)

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