Karin can learn sword arts by collecting Nibelung Chapters. You can start collecting it as soon as you get Nibelung Prelude at Paris. The way you get the Nibelung chapters is not character specified, but based on a fixed sequence, except Scene 9 and Finale. This means that if you talk to a character that is able to give Nibelung Scene, he will give you the Nibelung based on this sequence: Prelude> Scene 4> Scene 7> Scene 2> Scene 5> Scene 8> Scene 3> Scene 6> Scene 9> Finale.

Nibelung ScenesEdit

Below is the list of Nibelung Scenes you can aquire. If somehow you miss one of them, you might get a different Nibelung Scene as mentioned because it follows the sequence above. Just talk to the character you missed to continue collecting.

Nibelung PreludeParis. Given to you automatically by Gepetto.
Nibelung Scene 2St. Marguerite Island. Given to you automatically by Locke.
Nibelung Scene 3Battleship Mikasa. Speak to the sailor when you just enter the ship.
Nibelung Scene 4Port of Southampton. Speak to the man standing beside the stairs by the fortress wall.
Nibelung Scene 5Petrograd. Speak to the old man standing on the street near the Migemel brothers.
Nibelung Scene 6Foreigner's Cemetery. Speak to the second old man you see there.
Nibelung Scene 7Florence. Speak to the man south of the fountain.
Nibelung Scene 8Gallery of the Dead. From the skeleton beside the save point near the entrance.
Nibelung Scene 9Port of Southampton. Drunken man in the inn after finding all previous Nibelung Scenes.
Nibelung FinaleQueen's Garden. Revisit the dungeon, after fighting King Tamakos. Check the north wall behind the altar.
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