Takemikazuchi Camera
Shc monster 113
Shadow Hearts: Covenant
HP 225
MP 191
Element Shearts2007 Wind
Weight Normal
Location Asuka Stone Platform

Deadly Poison
P-DEF Down
Sp-DEF Down

EXP Gained 1554
Cash 810
Souls Gained 2
Item Drops Thera Root

Thera Extract (Rare)


Bestiary EntryEdit

Ghost of a criminal that wounded a god and bathed in its blood. To free himself from this form, he must be reincarnated 1000 times or claim 1000 souls.


Earthquake talisman

Takemikazuchi pinning Namazu.

Takemikazuchi (建御雷) is a god of thunder in Japanese mythology - not to be confused with Raijin, the god of thunder.

He was born from the blood of his slain brother, Hinogakutsuchi when his father slew him in a fury, after his fiery birth incinerated his mother.

In one myth he is said to have wrestled with a fellow god, and created sumo wrestling.

In another more major myth, he is the warden of Namazu - a giant catfish that lives deep in the heart of Japan, and the cause of earthquakes.

Keeping the giant fish pinned to the ground by his sword, when Takemikazuchi is distracted, Namazu wriggles and causes the quakes.

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