A Talisman that can be used to revive and Unconscious party member while restoring up to 30% of their HP.

Shadow Hearts

A cloth Talisman embroidered in silk with pictures describing the Laws of Space. It can return the bearer from Unconsciousness and restore a small amount of strength.

Found: Zhaoyang Village, Fengtian, Dalian,
Drops: Hell Cat, Elite Guard, Ogre Flame
Purchase: Zhaoyang Village and on
Buy: 480
Sell: 240

Shadow Hearts: Covenant

Talisman of luck
An ancient phoenix drawn on papyrus made from a plant grown in an unknown place. It revives fallen adventurers and restores a little of their health.

Found: Apoina Tower, Domremy, Paris, Neam Ruins, Petrograd,
Drops: Wooden Lion, Clawed Commander, Kheperer, Jack, Jill, Mutant Snail, Bloomin Phoenix
Purchase: Paris and on
Buy: 480
Sell: 240

Shadow Hearts: From The New World

Talisman of luckftnw
A talisman embossed with a four leaf clover, the universal symbol of luck. Made from powerful magic, it can never be torn. It revives the fallen.

Found: New York City: Upper West Side, Erick Theatre, Arkham University, Grand Canyon, Alcatraz Prison, Roswell
Drops: Dieteo, Maii, Prison Guard, Sergei,
Purchase: Arkham University and on
Buy: 480
Sell: 240

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