Lucia/Veronica and Lucia/Anastasia translationsEdit

Hi! This is Dengarde. First, thanks for citing my videos in these translations! 

Thats why I'm here though. The Nahasu stuff is fine, since Apraxas was willing to translate that for me. But for the other two, the translations actually came from a now defunct website called I don't know how you would site that, since the site is no longer functional and I have no way to find who exactly did the translating for those scenes, but I just thought I'd clear that up since it looked like I was being credited for the translation itself. 

I'm going to try and upload more Shadow Hearts videos pretty soon, I recently got an emulator and am slowly learning how to Mod Shadow hearts with it. I figure it's a good oppertunity to re-do those videos so they're in HD and not so...awkwardly edited. (That was ten years ago, ugh!) - Dengarde

Hi there! Ah right ok, I'll probably credit it to Z-O-G, but specify that it's now defunct, but still link to your video as it's the only remaining source for them. A lot of the images used for wiki for the monster and character pages were from Z-O-G, before I knew how to emulate and capture nicer looking models at higher than native PS2 resolution (still a work in progress mind).
God, is it really 10 years? Your videos were a massive help in getting info on Nahash temple and the Sea of Woods stuff, and for images, so thanks for that, and wish you all the best with any more stuff you do :) - 0001 (talk) 06:49, May 9, 2017 (UTC)
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