Tekka Roll Johnny can photograph this enemy during normal gameplay.
Shftnw mon 078.jpg
Shadow Hearts: From the New World
HP 444
MP 76
Element Fire.png Fire
Height Sh3heightlowmid.png
P-ATK Down

Arc Shield

Location He-Man Sushi House

Instant Death
P-ATK Down
P-DEF Down
Evade Down

Calories 0
Cat Coins 1 Mackerel
EXP Gained 1
Cash 1
Souls Gained 1
Item Drops Thera Root (100%)
Snap Card Shftnw snaps 078.jpg

Info[edit | edit source]

Three braves warriors sworn to stick together. United by red-hot loyalty to one another, no adversity can break the bond between these 3 green coat musketunas.

Etymology[edit | edit source]

Tekkamaki - Tuna Sushi

Tekka (鉄火) is Japanese for "Fire Sparks" - a reference to to vibrant red colour of tuna meat.

The Tekka-maki (鉄火巻き) is believed to have originated as a simple food in a gambling parlors (also called a "Tekka") as a snack for gamblers.

The laboured pun in the bestiary entry is a reference to Alexandre Dumas' "The Three Musketeers"

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