The Graveyard is a visitable representation of Yuri's soul, appearing in both Shadow Hearts, and Shadow Hearts: Covenant, serving mainly as the location for Yuri to acquire more Fusion monsters.

Shadow Hearts[edit | edit source]

Unintentionally given form by Alice Elliot's powers, The Graveyard is a visual representation of Yuri's psyche, taking the form of a literal Graveyard, inspired by his recurrent nightmares of being chased by the souls of monsters he killed.

He first awoke in the place after his initial encounter with Fox Face - a manifestation of Yuri's fears; was also unitentionally released by Alice.

It was ruled over by the Four Masks - souls of enemies that Yuri had apparently encountered before, but now existing as manifestations of his darker impulses - themselves followers of Atman - a being who dwelt in the absolute darkness of his soul.

The graveyard itself had six graves, one for each basic elemental attribute; fire, water, earth, wind, dark and light), each starting as a small headstone, gradually growing into a bigger and grander obelisk as Yuri gained more souls. It later gained a seventh in memory of either Alice or Atman, depending on actions of the player for either the good or bad ending.

When the sigil of a headstone glowed, Yuri would be able to interact with it; fighting the soul of a monster, which he could then fuse with. However, the third tier fusions required unique key items, the gravestones, each attuned to a particular headstone, before he could fight the fusion monster.

Door to the Dark Side[edit | edit source]

Door to the Dark Side

Guarded by the Four Masks, the Door to the Dark Side was Atman's domain, and where Fox Face resided when not able to manifest into the real world.

As Yuri defeated more enemies, their feelings of Malice would accumulate inside of him, opening the door, and slowly loosening the barriers between the Graveyard, and the real world, allowing Fox Face - and later, the Four Masks - to manifest themselves in the physical realm. In order to prevent this, Yuri would have to frequently purge himself of the malice - the masks summoning accumlated monsters from beyond the door for him to fight, and thus temporarily gain respite.

Door to Darkness Interior

The interior is visited only once ingame; a blue smokey void, with a shining Judgement Ring on the floor, as the location where Alice comes to fufil her sacrifice as a result of the Four Masks' Curse, and offer up her soul to Atman.

In the canonical ending, she fights Atman alone, and is defeated, dying a short time later. In the Good ending, Yuri interrupts the ritual, and the pair defeat Atman, breaking the curse, and finally stopping the influence of Four Masks and their benefactor.

Gate of Self[edit | edit source]

Initially sealed off behind a gate, it is visitable when the party finds Yuri in Europe, hiding in the tower of Blue Castle.

Dark night of the soul

As a result of failing to fuse with the Seraphic Radience, Yuri's soul was devoured, and his psyche and sense of self were almost obliviated. He regressed into his childhood memories, driven by his fears that his soul would be consumed by the monsters he fused into, and wishing for death out of fear that the Seraphic Radience would resurface.

Mentally regressing to the mind of his child self, He began to dig his own grave, in a warped recreation of a memory from his childhood - while Fox Face continually goaded him, reminding him of his failures and mocking his apparent weakness.

Yuri's memory

He was saved, however, after Alice, (whom he mistook for his mother) intervened, and was struck by Fox Face, rousing him from his stupor, and regaining his will to fight. FInally defeating Fox Face, and accepting his fears as a part of himself, his sense of self was restored, and the memory changed to its true self - a sunlit hill at dusk.

Later, it is the place where Jinpachiro Hyuga's soul is encountered, awaiting Yuri to grant him the ultimate fusion - the power of the Seraphic Radience. A power he had locked off to prevent further damage to his son's soul, until he was able to handle it.

Shadow Hearts: Covenant[edit | edit source]


In the second game, the Graveyard becomes more organized. Upon entering, the player encounters a sinister tree with Yuri embedded in it - a result of the Mistletoe's curse. To its left is the Commandments from Heaven, where the altars to unlock Fire, Wind, and Light fusions are located. To the right is the Commandments from Hell, where the altars to unlock Water, Earth, and Dark fusions are located. Behind the tree is the Labyrinth, which the player must enter during certain points of the game.

Mirror Palace[edit | edit source]

In Goreme Valley, Yuri and Karin must endure a trial to resurrect Amon in Yuri's spiritual realm. During that time, the fusion altars are inaccessible. The player must enter the Labyrinth and go through the Door of the God of Wrath leading to the Palace of the God of Wrath. The map is fairly simple, allowing the player to move through the mirrors to find the needed Glass Key. Upon doing so, the player can then fight Amon.

Unlocking Final Fusions[edit | edit source]

To unlock the first level fusions, Yuri must channel souls into one of the altars for each of the elements. The second level can be unlocked likewise, but only if the first is unlocked. The final level elemental fusions can only be unlocked after unlocking Amon. To gain these fusions, Yuri must find Soul Drops - six in the game world. To unlock these fusions, Yuri must place a Soul Drop on one of the altars, then win a battle with a shadowy monster.

Enemies Encountered[edit | edit source]

Malice Enemies
Name Notes
Evil 1 Purge Malice, when meter is blue, while in Asia.
Evil 2 Purge Malice, when meter is green, while in Asia.
Evil 3 Purge Malice, when meter is yellow, while in Asia.
Evil 4 Purge Malice, when meter is red, while in Asia.
Gust Eins Purge Malice, when meter is blue, while in Europe.
Gust Zwei Purge Malice, when meter is green, while in Europe.
Gust Drei Purge Malice, when meter is yellow, while in Europe.
Gust Vier Purge Malice, when meter is red, while in Europe.

Fusion Beasts
Name Notes
Raging Tiger -
Mad Bull 50 Earth souls required.
Lobo 70 Earth souls and Earth Gravestone required.
Man Dragon 20 Water souls required.
Dragner 50 Water souls required.
Egil 70 Water souls and Water Gravestone required.
Inferno 20 Fire souls required.
Ifrit 50 Fire souls required.
Forron 70 Fire souls and Fire Gravestone required.
Tornado 20 Wind souls required.
Icarus 50 Wind souls required.
Seravi 70 Wind souls and Air Gravestone required.
Heaven's Fiend 20 Light souls required.
Baldo 50 Light souls required.
Sandalphon 70 Light souls and Light Gravestone required.
Charon 50 Dark souls required.
Czernobog 70 Dark souls and Dark Gravestone required.

Name Notes
Fox Face -
Atman -
Seraphic Radience Have all fusions. Have Rebirth Stone.

Mirror Palace
Name Notes
Ogoroja -
Tweedledee -
Tweedledum -
Yuri (Mirror Image) Fought only when passing through a mirror.
Karin (Mirror Image) Fought only when passing through a mirror.
Amon -

Fusion Beasts
Name Notes
Mocos 1st & 2nd level Earth fusions required, and Soul Drop found.
Pripelga 1st & 2nd level Water fusions required, and Soul Drop found.
Svarozic 1st & 2nd level Fire fusions required, and Soul Drop found.
Erisvorch 1st & 2nd level Wind fusions required, and Soul Drop found.
Svarog 1st & 2nd level Light fusions required, and Soul Drop found.
Veles 1st & 2nd level Dark fusions required, and Soul Drop found.
Dark Seraphim All fusions unlocked (Yuri & Kurando), Reborn Droplet found.

Items[edit | edit source]

Treasure Chests[edit | edit source]

Enemy Drops[edit | edit source]

Music[edit | edit source]

In Shadow Hearts, the background music played during visits to the Graveyard is called "Graveyard Moon". After defeating Fox-Face, encountering Atman with Alice, and later meeting with Jinpachiro the music briefly becomes "Tanjou".

In Covenant, the background music is "Holly Mistletoe ~ Graveyard". Before fighting the Dark Seraphim however, it briefly changes to "The Past ~ Personal History", a remix of "Tanjou" from the previous game.

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