Optional dungeon in Shadow Hearts: Covenant.

It is where Albert Simon made his soul pact with Amon.

It is accessible once Yuri can return to Europe. Go to Florence and speak with Backstreet Nero, the fat pedestrian. He tells Yuri that he knows of a castle with a great treasure and that there is a mirror where a demon emerges.

Upon entering Tiffagues Castle, Karin and Yuri remember that it looks similar to Mirror Palace. Like Mirror Palace, Yuri can enter different areas of the castle through the mirrors. However some open certain ways, and it is difficult to find a way back.

Several children are found in the castle, one in which always leaves a door locked. It is possible to go through it, but only on her side.

Another child to look out for is a Lottery Member, whose jackpot prize is Demon Ward - a useful accessory in this dungeon. After the next Save Point is found, progress through the hall to its left and fight the enemies that appear.

Mirror Chamber

Finally Yuri enters the chamber with the mirror. He meets with Albert Simon, who explains the significance of the castle and Yuri tells him that he defeated Rasputin. Then Yuri and his friends must fight Neo Amon

After defeating Neo Amon, Yuri can now fuse with him and the Amon Crest is dropped.

If Blanca defeated Lobo and visits Montmartre before going to Tiffauges Castle, Henri can be encountered again in this dungeon.

Enemies Encountered[edit | edit source]

Enemies Encountered
Name Notes
Duergar -
Muscida -
Peg O'Nell -
Name Notes
Neo Amon -

Wolf Bout
Name Notes
Henri Accessable after winning 12 previous Wolfbouts and speaking to Ernest.

Items[edit | edit source]

Treasure Chest[edit | edit source]

Enemy Drops[edit | edit source]

Lottery Members[edit | edit source]

No.04: Alicia in Wonderland[edit | edit source]


Ring: Invisible


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Gille de Rais

After he left the military, he became infamous for abducting, torturing, and sexually abusing, and eventually murdering countless children.
In addition to murder, he was accused also of alchemy and demon summoning, supposedly conjuring summoned a demon named Barron who demanded child sacrifice to appease him. Gilles de Rais and his co-conspirators were charged with murder, and sentenced to execution by hanging and burning.
Due to his infamy, Rais is considered as one of the possible inspirations for Bluebeard, the wife-killing aristocrat, who murders his wives, and then immediately remarries. This aspect is referenced in the name of the NPC, Beard, the Guide, who is also implied to be an atoning Rais himself.[1]
  • The NPC Alicia in Wonderland is a reference to Louis Carroll's book Alice in Wonderland.

References[edit | edit source]

  1. Beard, the Guide: The children in the Mirror World were killed long ago by the lord of this castle, nearly five hundred years ago. I have to watch over them until they can finally rest in peace. To atone for my sins, you see.
    Yuri: Your sins...? Then does that mean you're--?
    Beard, the Guide: Me...? I'm simply a mere guide. That is all....
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