Tiny Tiny
Game Shadow Hearts
Kana チビすけちゃん
Romaji Chibisuke-chan
Age Unknown (Puppy)
Eye color Black
Hair color Tan (Fur)
Home Fengtian
Element Fire Element fire.gif

Library Entry[edit | edit source]

A stray dog in Fengtian. Friendly and looks very smart. A mixed breed. He follows the main chracters around, which is cute, but somehow peculiar.

Bio[edit | edit source]

This little puppy is first encountered at the Fengtian train station, right after the events of Zhaoyang Village. It greets Yuri with happy barks, only to growl at him when the mysterious voice makes another appearance.


It manages to make an appearance a little while later in the sewers below Fengtian while Alice and Yuri are trying to find a way out. Seeing it's gleeming eyes peering out from a dark, crumbled hole in the wall, they at first expect a monster, only to be freaked out by this little pup leaping out at them, giving happy barks. Alice, feeling sorry for it, brings it along.

Onwards, Alice begins complaining of feeling like something malicious is following and watching them, even after Margarete has joined them. This feeling persists even after unlocking the seal and defeating the guardians. Up top once again, Tiny takes off running. Yuri is fine to let the dog be, but of course Alice is worried for it so they follow. It's barking alerts the guards, bringing the gang into an unneeded fight.

After the scramble, they turn to see Tiny surrounded by an aura, and with the capability to talk to them. It turns out, the malevolent feeling that Alice had been feeling was caused by this dog, who had actually been Dehuai in a disguise. It then transforms into Beast Dog upon being teased by Margarete and Yuri.

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