ShII kurando fusion 1 1
Shadow Hearts: Covenant
HP 3600
MP 444
Location Foreigners Cemetary Otherworld
Element Light
  • P-Atk down
  • S-Atk down
  • Slow
  • Delay
  • Attack w.Evasion down
EXP Gained 19,000
Souls Gained 210
Cash 24,000
  • Valak
  • Seal of Aura

Kurando's starting fusion, Tsukiyomi is a magic based fusion relying on wide effect spells.


Moon goddess inhabiting the body of Kurando. Noble and cold, she wields the power of the moon mercilessly against any foul or impure creature.


Tsukiyomi is the Moon Goddess of Shinto legend. Having been born from Susanoo's right eye when he was washing in a stream.


  • Unlike Yuri's fusions, which appear ambiguous at best, Tsukiyomi seems to present the idea that those with the power can in fact change gender through use of their ability.

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