Tsunemotomushi* Anastasia can photograph this enemy during normal gameplay.
SHCDC Sea of Woods Tsunemotomushi1.jpg
Shadow Hearts: Covenant
HP 295
MP 244
Element Fire
Weight Light

Ark Gale
Red Cradle

Location Sea of Woods

Deadly Poison
HP Down
P-ATK Down
Sp-ATK Down
P-DEF Down
Sp-DEF Down
Evade Down

EXP Gained 2200
Cash 1
Souls Gained 2
Item Drops Talisman of Mercy

A maggot spirit sprung forth from the corpse of a wrongdoer.(*)

Creature found in Sea of Woods, in the Director's Cut edition of the game

Bestiary Entry[edit | edit source]

Rough Translation:
A spirit of maggots that welled up from the corpse of a villain called "Tsunemoto" who was executed four hundred years ago. Regularly, millions of Tsunemotomushi would spring forth, and bury the execution grounds in a swarm of Tsunemotomushi.*

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Etymology[edit | edit source]

Basic illustration of a tsunemotomushi.

Tsunemotomushi derives from a mythical insect in Japanese folklore.

A rogue samurai who led a gang of thugs, murderers and rapists terrorised a small town, but was eventually caught and hanged for his crimes.

His remains were buried at the base of a tree. Every year after his death, from insects would emerge from the tree, all with his face, and they would bring misery and bad luck to those who saw them.

The tale seems to be a folk tale regarding the unusual shaped chrysalis of the Chinese Windmill Butterfly.

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