In the main storyline, the player meets a NPC named Nvwoti, who requests for Natan to go out and find UMas for him. UMAs can be captured by using bait and then defeating them in battle, but it also requires some hunting and survival instinct. UMAs become unloked as you progress throughout the game. When you reach an area where an UMA is found, return to the Grand Canyon and speak with Nvwoti, who will give you information on the next target.

The first time you speak with Nvwoti, he hands you the Gada Pot, which is needed to trap the UMAs. He also gives you 7 baits: Honey, Grapefruit, Hare, Morpho Scales, Maiden's Hair, Gold Ore, and Fly Paper. The appropriate bait needs to be placed within the home of the UMA in order to lure it out.

Natan will always need to be in the active party before initiating conversation with Nvwoti. Also, if you are into Snap Cards, make sure to snap each UMA on the first turn!

Grand CanyonEdit

Uma 01
he first UMA you come across is Sasquatch. It's home is between the second and third Totem Poll. If you're having difficulty, just look at the map. Place the Honey as bait and then engage the Sasquatch in battle.

HP: 330

MP: 136

Attribute: Fire

Special Attacks: Red Nova

Sasquatch hits hard, so keep his stock drained. If you have the Aqua Edge Stellar, spam it on your members, as fire attributes are weak versus water. Try to chain to keep the advantage in your favor. He'll go down pretty quick.

For your reward, you pick up Natan's GUN-FU ability Rapid Shot.

Caribbean Pirate FortEdit

Uma 02
Your next UMA is Tihozhodhi, a water attributed beast, unlocked after receiving La Sirene. The creature hides out across the main deck in the dark room. Before doing anything, equip your party with Pocket Watches and maybe add the Poison add-on to your Ring. Now, look at the rear corner of the room and Natan may comment about "Red Slime". Place Grapefruit here, and Tihozodhi will be drawn out.

HP: 900

MP: 168

Attribute: Water

Special Attacks: Small Ring, Hail Dust

Tihozhodhi is weak against Poison, so after inflicting that and letting it become Deadly Poisoned, this boss goes down in a breeze.

Return to Nvowti for Natan's next GUN-FU gift: Slug Shell is powered up.

Chichen ItzaEdit

Uma 03
The third UMA you are to face is Chupakabra. This UMA is located on the third floor of Chichen Itza (which thus means he's unlocked after clearing Chichen Itza). Equip Petrify and Slow to your ring, and some Light attribute Stellars to your Chart. Set the bait of a Hare to the rear of the second group of support poles, where Natan comments"footprints with nail hooks and nothing else".

HP: 1050

MP: 186

Attribute: Dark

Special Attacks: Random Ring, Evil Eye

Chupakabra is one of the easiest UMAs, so just Hard Hit, Combo, and attack with Light Magic to bring him down.

The reward is Natan's GUN-FU ability Rapid Shot powered up.

Aito CaveEdit

This fouth UMA, Rogotomhere, is more of a challenge to find. To lure it out, multiple pieces of bait must be used in order to catch it. To begin, head to the glowing Blue Tikis at the center of the cave and lay down the Morpho's Scales. Next, go to the northwest corner of the cave to the three sets of Black Tikis. Head to the final set and to the left tiki and place the Maiden's Hair. Then, find the Red Tikis in the upper center o
Uma 04
f the room and place the Grapefruit there. Equip your party with Bodhi Bracelets and equip the Ring with the Poison enhancement. Other effective Ring add-ons incluced Paralysis, Instant Death, and Sp-Defend Down. Finally, head to the North East and place a Gold Ore at the glowing altar.

HP: 1500

MP: 191

Attribute: Earth

Special Attacks: Paralysis, Rock Javelin

Hit this guy with Wind combos, and spam Natan's Rapid Shot. Thunderbird makes for a good fusion in this battle as well. Keep your stock high and inflict as many Ring status effects as you can on the monster.

Your reward is another improvement of Natan's Slug Shell.

Uyuni Salt LakeEdit

Guiana HighlandsEdit

Uma 06

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