Area hidden beneath the fountain in the Inner Grounds.

Punitive Room[edit | edit source]

Underground Passage: Entrance "Punitive Room"

The room where Ogden and Bessy murdered the sacrifices, either abducted from London, or bought via the slave trade, to supply Patrick with bodies for his ritual.

Knocked out, Koudelka was brought there alone by Ogden, who intended to kill her, with an axe.

Feeling immense guilt at what they had done, Bessy shot Odgen, saving Koudelka, before turning the gun on herself, to "be with her husband".

After Ogden and Bessy were killed, Koudelka took their weapons and items: the Rifle RD and Blue Key.

'Neath the Fountain[edit | edit source]


Where the Gug boss is fought. After its defeat, the area is purifed, and the player is able to heal and save.

Altar of Darkness[edit | edit source]


The Altar of Darkness is located thorough the statue, after being offered blood. The passageway soon leads to the Nemeton Graveyard.


Hidden behind a wall in the Underground Passage, the Altar of Darkness is where the enigmatic "Creature" lives.

Items[edit | edit source]

Enemies Encountered[edit | edit source]

Enemies Encountered
Name Notes
Brute Type C
Explode Corpse Type C
Face Type C
Ghoul Type B
Hand of Glory Type B & C
Headless Corpse Type C
Corpse Hound Type B
Inverse Type C
Raven Type B
Skeleton Type B
Wight Type B & C

Name Notes
Gug -

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