Logo (again in paint.) Pendulum logo in back, ff black wizard sprite, my own custom text.

What's that coming over the hill, is it an admin, yes it's an admin...

Greetings weary wiki-traveller, it appears you have stumbled across my User Page.

They call be Demon Rays, but you could shorten it to just Demon. Really i am a student in the top years of a secondary school in Sheffield, England called Joseph, but i don't expect you to call me by my real name (I fact, I'd rather you didn't!)

I have only played the first Shadow Hearts in the series, so my knowledge is limited, however I am madly in love with the game, and I long for the day when i will be united with Shadow Hearts: Covenant!(Probably my birthday) In see my admin duties on the site as updating things such as news and other main page things, changing settings and MediaWiki codes, and similar duties. I continue to learn new wiki editing skills, and i hope they can be of help!

A few Important things you should know about me...[edit | edit source]

  • I HATE cheats. I never use them, and think they subtract from the gameplay.
  • You may be unsure what I actually do on this wiki. I think of myself as the background editor - Linking up pages, deleting, editing site messages, and trying to get a community.
  • I am very musical, play the violin, guitar, keyboard, and plan to play much more. I mostly like Electro Rock, especially Pendulum, and also Heavy Metal like SlipKnot.
  • That's all folks!

Games played...[edit | edit source]

Very few notable ones actually. I've played the Final Fantasy Tactics Series, but not really the main one, Shadow Hearts (first one), a few dynasty warriors, and MGS 2 and 4. I loved the Shadow Hearts game - the story is beautiful, the gameplay is some of the best I've ever played, the characters are deep and each has their own story, and the music was great too!

So why?[edit | edit source]

After my 'full' completion of Shadow Hearts (What, I had nothing else to do!), I wondered if there was a wiki where I could share my views on how to play through it - Like walkthrough/gameplay sections, and so I found here. 0001 was already here, and I decided I was going to help him, so I made this account, Demon Rays (Inspiration came from Amon, my favourite fusion), and helped to build the wiki. And now here we are!

Articles of Interest[edit | edit source]

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