About meEdit

My name is Maxichan, but you can call me Maxi. I've been a fan of Shadow Hearts for years, and would like to help provide this wiki with images, information, and anything else they would require of me. ^^ I'm pretty friendly (although I do sometimes can say really stupid things, do'h), and I'd like to help out. Shadow Hearts is my favorite series, with the first Shadow Hearts my favorite PS2 game. I've played Covenant and FTNW, and find both games equally enjoyable. I own a video game recorder and also a codebreaker, so I can also help when it comes to items still on file but not in the game (like the 'non' underwear in FTNW).

I'm studying Japanese at my local college, so I can read some Japanese. I've got the Shadow Hearts Guidebook, both published editions of the Shadow Hearts: Covenant walkthrough, and also the Shadow Hearts: From the New World walkthrough in Japanese. I own the Shadow Hearts: Covenant and Shadow Hearts: From the New World walkthroughs in English. I'm trying to collect every Shadow Hearts memorabilia that I can. ^^

My edits may need checking up on occasionally, as I'm new to this wiki thing. Feel free to move things around as you deem best. I'm a "Grammar Nazi" occasionally, so I may end up moving pages around or editing things because the grammar isn't correct. I like organization and order, so I may edit things a few times before I like the results. Stay patient with me, please! ^^

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