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Shadow Hearts
"Bacon's treasured old manuscript."


Bacon's manuscript: "The rainbow's treasure is a golden moon, burning sun, old forest, royal garden, ocean's color, drop of blood and from the sky to rebirth".


"The first is the Pulse Tract. With it one can command the earth veins in order to wake an ancient god."

"The Pulse Tract, which incarnates a god from the soul of the Earth..." ~ Yuri

First featured in Shadow Hearts, and mentioned in Shadow Hearts: Covenant. This book contains the rites for the Reverse Demon's Gate Invocation, which summons the Tengaiou/Seraphic Radiance/Dark Seraphim from the soul of the earth. This ritual is similar to the Demon's Gate Invocation (which fooled Zhuzhen, Zhongyun and Xifa into thinking it was), which also summons an earth spirit. However, it is of increased magnitude.

It requires the other four guardian-gods (the Black Tortoise, the Red Phoenix, the Blue Dragon and the White Tiger) to be blocked off, and also requires a channel for immense energy (ie. Alice).

The Seraphic Radiance has the physical form of an unearthly woman with enormous red wings, and runes tattooed upon her body. However, it is a being without emotion, or what can be defined as the individual self-awareness of a sentient being. The Seraphic Radiance is really pure energy, with power equivalent to that of a god. It is called the Spirit of Bronze and considered a guardian deity of the earth, but when summoned will destroy everything in its path.

To halt its destruction, Yuri attempts to fuse with it and control it. Being only a human, however, he is overwhelmed by its power and driven into madness. His soul would have been consumed entirely had the spirit of his father not sealed it up within his soul, while Alice brought his consciousness back into the real world.

The Seraphic Radiance remains sealed within Yuri until he defeats it and is able to control its power. It is available as an ultimate fusion to be acquired on the side in both SH and SH:C (having to be required due to being sealed by the curse at the beginning of SH:C). Until then it hibernates in Yuri's soul, under Jinpachiro/Ben Hyuga's careful watch.

How to Get

After completing the Cave Temple and Ancient Ruins quest, having received the Codex of Lurie, and Amon, go to the world map and examine the Erotic Book. Select Nemeton and speak with Roger Bacon. Exchange the Erotic Book for the Pulse Tract.