Valna and Vigna
Level 15
HP 2401†
MP 144
KFire.png Nulls
Kwind.png Nulls
Klight.png Nulls
Kwater.png Nulls
Kearth.png Nulls
Kdark.png Nulls
STR 19
VIT 49
DEX 19
INT 21
PIE 38
MND 21
AGL 31
LUC 10
Evade 50
Magic Evade 50

STR Boost
Shock Max
Strong Earth

Drops -
NOTE †Invulnerable

Optional encounter, when the player tries to access Charlotte's Cell, without having pacified Valna and Vigna with their dolls.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Just run away as there is nothing you can do to defeat them. All your attacks will just miss; you need to find their dolls to get the Green Key.

While they can technically be poisoned, and will lose health, there is no practical benefit for doing so, and relies heavily on both finding a weapon drop with the Poison attribute, and being lucky with the RNG.

Due to their relatively passive nature and invulnerability, they can be used to grind magic and weapon levels.

Valna (left) and Vigna (right)

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