The Valentine siblings.

Vampires are a race of undead who have the power to drain the life essence of other beings to sustain themselves.

Though outwardly similar to humans, they are much longer lived, and are possessed of superhuman abilities including the power to change their physical forms. They also have elongated fangs, and cat-like, vertical slit pupils.

Unlike most vampire folklore, vampires in the Shadow Hearts series are unaffected by "traditional weaknesses" such as sunlight, crosses, and garlic - and are simply more durable than regular humans, but still very much able to be killed.

While malevolent vampires exist, the only vampires encountered during the course of the series, are the benevolent, albeit very eccentric, Valentine Family, also referred to as the Darkness Clan.

Consisting of the Valentine siblings Keith, Joachim, and Hildegard, and their unnamed grandfather, the Black Bat, they reside in their ancestral castle, in Bistritz, Romania, with most of their forebears resting in the castle crypt.

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

  • Blood Sucking - Vampires may absorb the blood or life essence of other creatures, either by direct contact with their fangs, or at a distance via magic.
  • Longevity - Vampires are naturally long lived, and age very slowly, if at all. And they are able to hibernate inside their coffins for hundreds of years, with no ill effect.
  • Transformation - Vampires are able to change into numerous forms:
    • Bat form - Their preferred form for travelling over long distances, or when they want to relax.
    • Invisible form - Allows them to be unseen, and difficult to notice - although only male vampires have so-far demonstrated this ability.
    • Curvy/Slim form - By sucking positive or negative Calories, vampires may gain or lose weight in a drastic fashion - thus far, only female vampires have demonstrated this ability.

In battle, they have been shown with additional preternatural abilites, such as rising from the ground by the ankle after being knocked over, and an agility that makes it appear as though they teleport.

In addition, being supernatural creatures and used to weirdness, vampires have high levels of Sanity Points.

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