After being captured on St Marguerite Island, while trying to save Roger, Veronica Vera, then selects one of the prisoners to be her "special play friend".

Choosing a statment will pick a character to take part in Veronica's "game". The statments however, do not reveal which character is saying them.

  • 1st Statement - "Ulp...she's looking this way...!" selects Yuri.
  • 2nd Statement - "Fine, let me at her!" selects Karin.
  • 3rd Statement - "I just might like the kinky stuff..." selects Gepetto.
  • 4th Statement - "Sometimes, a man's got to stand!" selects Joachim.
  • 5th Statement - "...(I won't look at her...)" selects Lucia.

Questions[edit | edit source]

Veronica will always ask the same three questions regardless of which character is chosen.

Question 1: You seemed to enjoy that. I want you to show me how happy you are! Let's try it again shall we?

Question 2: What's the matter? Don't look so miserable! Oh, I know! If you promise to be one of my little pets, I'll let you off easy. Well?

Qestion 3: Tee hee hee...Very well, I'll give you one last chance! Just swear your loyalty to your new queen!

Character Replies[edit | edit source]


  • Quit it, you sick bitch!
  • I just looove those juicy red lips!
  • Enough already...
  • Get lost!
  • I just looove those big melons!
  • Okay, I'll be your pet.
  • Get real!
  • I just looove that cute tushie!
  • I'm all yours!


  • You think I'll give in to you!?
  • What are you trying to do?!
  • W-wait! Can't we talk about this?
  • Me serve you, you old witch!?
  • You're the only pet here, you dog!
  • Okay, okay! Just stop!
  • Quit yapping, you old dog!
  • Who do you think I am!?
  • Please, let us go...


  • Don't do me any favors, lady!
  • Are you single?
  • C-come on! Take it easy!
  • Your pet?! Ger real!
  • So, whaddya say? Am I your type?
  • Sure, anything!
  • If you were only a little younger!
  • Think you could love a guy like me?
  • I swear it!


  • Give up! You can't bend a good man!
  • Stop! I'm not interested in women!
  • Look, I apologize! It was my bad!
  • It's no use! You won't break me!
  • I'm really not interested in women!
  • Okay, I'll be your pet.
  • Huh?! Are those wrinkles?!
  • Let's be clear! I'm gay, okay!
  • I swear it! I swear my loyalty!


  • I'm not playing your games!
  • You've always been a little off...
  • Stop this! It's unbearable...!
  • Stop your pathetic games!
  • You really are a sad, sad woman!
  • Whatever. I don't care!
  • You're starting to show your age!
  • You freak! Be serious!
  • ...(Silence)

Rewards[edit | edit source]

1st option only:

2nd or 3rd options:

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