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Element water Veronica Vera
Veronica Vera
Game Sh2gamelogo
Kana ベロニカ・ベラ
Romaji Beronika Bera
Voice actor(s) Ja-lgflag Mie Sonozaki
Voice actor(s) Uk-lgflag Ellyn Stern
Age 30
Eye color Blue
Hair color Blonde
Home Unknown
Weapon(s) Leather Whip
Special Arts Punishment
Element Water Element water

"Give yourselves up now and be my slaves, and I just might spare your lives."

Minor character in Shadow Hearts: Covenant, and a playable character in the Director's Cut.

Library EntryEdit

Magic warrior of the secret society, she uses her sex and her beauty as a weapon. She is an assassin of the highest caliber, and has been ordered to kill Yuri.


Member of Sapientes Gladio. Veronica is the sadistic subordinate and lover to Rasputin. She enjoys torturing her victims and will do anything in her power to help Rasputin achieve his goals.

Veronica becomes a temporary playable character along with Lenny Curtis, in the director's cut of Shadow Hearts: Covenant.

She has her own unique weapon, and her own armour.


As a temporary playable character in the Director's Cut of Covenant, Veronica automatically comes with a list magic, which is called "Punishment", to use in battle. Although the list is rather small, her final skill can be powerful if paired up in to a combo with other characters.

She can have up to three hit areas on the Judgement Ring.


Punishment is the special sorcery magic used by Veronica in Director's Cut. The first two skills are available for normal characters to use by equipping the correct crests. However, "Aroma Oil - Stun Perfume" is a personal skill exclusive to Veronica only.

Name MP Cost Description Image Ring
Heal 8 MP Recovers Ring and Status abnormalities for one ally Heal Healring
Hail Beak 16 MP Water special damage. Piercing, small/2 hits/knockup Hailbeak Hailbeakring
Aroma Oil - Stun Perfume 36 MP Water special damage. Circular, medium/10 hits/High-angle. Chance of Paralysis Veronicaspecial Veronicastunperfume


  • Veronica is shown using the spell Demon Rays in cutscenes though she never uses the spell in battle.

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