Whale statue

Fetish for Shania that will permanently boost La Sirene's base stats when charged with Soul Energy.


A blue Whale statue made of turquoise. Its huge body, brilliant as a rainbow, is stately as ruler of the sea. Soul Energy increases the ocean spirits' power.


Given as a prize by No.9: First Mate Rackham in the lottery.

Soul ChargeEdit

Soul Charge
Level Soul Energy Effect
LV. 1 - Base Stats.
LV. 2 25 Int+1, Pow+1, Luc+1
LV. 3 75 Str+1, Vit+1, Agl+1, Pow+1
LV. 4 125 Vit+1, Agl+1, Int+1, Pow+1, Luc+1
LV. 5 175 Str+1, Vit+1, Agl+1, Int+1, Pow+1, Luc+1

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