Will is the antithesis of Malice and is represented by a blue light, in contrast to the red glow of Malice. While it is Malice that can form the body and primal emotions, it is Will that gives the body a soul. It features only in Shadow Hearts: From the New World, and is the key to not only delaying the opening of the Gate, but also to allowing Johnny to control himself when the Awaker first awakens.

History Of Will[edit | edit source]

Shaman of Moana Village, Okanagan tells that the Native Americans built a giant tower in a lake called Uyuni - a tower built top-to-bottom from just one sacred ingredient: salt.

At the top of the tower is an altar where Will is sealed. The natives could have used the power of Will time and time again but of course the blue light is just as powerful as the red light, Malice. So in order to keep it out of vile hands they locked the blue light in the tower. If The Gate ever appeared on earth it was to be released from the tower of Uyuni so that it could seal the Gate's power and return back into the world of Malice. But to unlock the power in the altar, two rings were made that were given to the care of the northern and southern tribes and should be passed down to those who will use the blue lights power wisely or by marriage.

Mystical Strength[edit | edit source]

The power of Will seems to be to repel and negate any power of Malice. But it seems that its power could be abused and channeled into powerful abilities. It's power also seems to cleanse any malice within a person as well, as was the case when Johnny turned into the Awaker and as Shania let the blue light free from the tower it poured out and returned Johnny to his normal self. The blue light is also used in the Ceremony of Emigre. Without it, only the person's body would be ressurected. It would have no will or reasoning, becoming a creature of pure instinct.

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