Sh3fetishicon Wolf Statue
Wolf statue
Shadow Hearts: From the New World
"An earth coloured Wolf statue made of soap stone."

Fetish for Shania that grants new abilities to Tatan'Ka when charged with Soul Energy.


A Wolf statue made of earth brown soap stone. Loftiness as hero of the earth shows in its stoic figure. Soul Energy wakes the sleeping power of the earth spirits


Given automatically after defeating Tatan'Ka.

Soul ChargeEdit

Soul Charge
Level Soul Energy Effect
LV. 1 - -
LV. 2 30 Learns Rock Bump, and Red Nova.
LV. 3 90 Learns Arc Rage, Arc Surge, and Ebony Cluster.
LV. 4 150 Learns Rock Burst, and Red Bounce.
LV. 5 210 Learns Inspire, and Rumble Roar.

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