Element dark Wugui
Game Sh1gamelogo
Kana 舞鬼*
Romaji Maiki*
Age Unknown
Eye color Hazel
Hair color Black
Home Kowloon
Element Dark Element dark

Wugui, also known as Wugui of Kowloon, is a servant of the sorcerer Dehuai, and serves as his right-hand man, and acts as a recurring minor antagonist.


Former employee of Zhen's bar. He gained demonic powers by joinging forces with Dehuai. He now uses that power to his own end by commiting crimes all over the continent.


Hailing from the Kowloon Fortress of Hong Kong. He seems to also be involved in helping Dehaui with political matters. It is unknown if Wugui always had the ability to drain magic skills or learned it by training under Dehuai. He also supported Dehuai in the Valorization 15 years and also was responsible to get rid of Zhuzhen. Sometime after the unsuccessful Valorization he became owner of Mr. Zhen's bar, which was then given back to Mr. Zhen thanks to Yuri. After the battle with Yamaraja War at the Samsara Pavillon, Albert Simon took his dead corpse to Kowloon Fortress, summoning creatures to make sure no one interrupted the experiments he was conducting on Wugui. Albert Simon probably choose him to conduct his experiments to bring the dead back to life because of his useful magic draining ability, which would be quite useful to him as a minion.


Wugui is fought several times over the course of the game. He is fought in his normal form, as Yamaraja: War, and, if Kowloon Fortress has been unlocked, as an optional encounter as the Cursed Puppet.


  • In his concept art, Wugui appears to have dragon tattoos, though they don't actually make an appearance in-game.

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