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The battleship where Yoshiko is kept after getting abducted. In this area, two parties are formed. The player can switch between these parties to navigate the dungeon.

Enemies Encountered[]

Enemies Encountered
Name Notes
Akagi Soldier -
Flying Drone -
Spider Walker -
Name Notes
Lt. Col. Terada Fought with 4 Akagki soldiers

Wolf Bouts
Name Notes
Carven Battleship Revisit.


Treasure Chests[]

  • Magiccrestlogo.png Vapula Crest - Under the stairs just outside the ship.
  • Sh2keyitemlogo.png Security Key 1
  • Sh2keyitemlogo.png Security Key 2
  • Sh2keyitemlogo.png Cabin Key - Bottom deck. From the rightmost room, head west until you reach a dead end with a chest.
  • Sh2itemlogo.png Tent - Bottom deck, by the stairs leading down from the upper deck in the northwest corner of the ship.
  • Magiccrestlogo.png Vine Crest - Northeast corner of the middle deck's large west room.


  • Luciataroticon.png The Lovers Tarot - Middle deck. From the rightmost room, unlock door 1, then head west, south, and east, then examine the pipes at the end.
  • Sh2itemlogo.png Lottery Ticket - Bottom deck. From the stairs, the door with the light on just west of the first intersection. Examine the coffee table by the door.
  • Sh2ringitemlogo.png Instant Death 2 - Examine the hanging uniform in the cabin.

NPC Interaction[]

  • Sh2ringitemlogo.png Attack Boost - Speak to the Ring Soul. Outside the ship, head into the storage garage to the north on the west side of the screen.
  • Nibelungicon.png Nibelung Scene 3 - Speak to Sukiyama, the With-it Cadet.

Enemy Drops[]

The Captain's Quiz[]

Lottery Members[]


No.08: Watanabe, the Warrent Officer

Ring: Normal.