This is a list of all the weapons Yuri can equip in Shadow Hearts and Shadow Hearts: Covenant. Yuri's weapons vary from gloves, fists and claws. The list of weapons are all listed in the order they appear in the in-game inventories.

Shadow Hearts

Leather GlovesEdit

Leather gloves

Cow-hide with steel-plated knuckles.

Base ATK Lv 1 ATK Lv 2 ATK Lv 3
P-ATK - +1 +2 +3
S-ATK - +1 +2 +3

Acupuncture Lv 1 Lv 2 Lv 3
Attack Power Cost 480 960 1440
Hit Area Cost 160 320 480

Buy Price: N/A
Sell Price: 320

Obtained: Pre-equipped to Yuri.

Leather gloves for punching. Damages enemy while providing protection. Ideal for fighters.

Knuckle BladeEdit

Knuckle blade

Made of a hard black steel and used for punching.

Yuri Knuckle Blade base ring
Base ATK Lv 1 ATK Lv 2 ATK Lv 3
P-ATK +11 +13 +15 +17
S-ATK +9 +10 +12 +14

Acupuncture Lv 1 Lv 2 Lv 3
Attack Power Cost 900 1800 2700
Hit Area Cost 300 600 900

Buy Price: 1200
Sell Price: 600

Obtained: Fengtian Item Shop, Dalian

This handheld weapon has sharp blades affixed to it allowing for slashing as well. It is made of a powerful black steel and is easily carried.

Steel ClawEdit

Steel claw

Lethal weapon designed to pierce armor.

Yuri steel claw base ring
Base ATK Lv 1 ATK Lv 2 ATK Lv 3
P-ATK +22 +25 +28 +31
S-ATK +18 +20 +23 +26

Acupuncture Lv 1 Lv 2 Lv 3
Attack Power Cost 2100 4200 6300
Hit Area Cost 700 1400 2100

Buy Price: 2800
Sell Price: 1400

Obtained: Shanghai, Temple Ruins, Kuihai Tower

A favored weapon among Eastern assassins. Its unusually long blade and frightening appearance make it a weapon to be feared.

Hand NeedleEdit

Hand needle

Ninja stabbing weapon with double sides.

Yuri hand needle base ring
Base ATK Lv 1 ATK Lv 2 ATK Lv 3
P-ATK +30 +34 +38 +42
S-ATK +18 +20 +23 +26

Acupuncture Lv 1 Lv 2 Lv 3
Attack Power Cost 3000 6000 9000
Hit Area Cost 1000 2000 3000

Buy Price: -
Sell Price: -

Obtained: Find in Kowloon Fortress

An ancient weapon, the middle finger passes through a ring and it is clutched in the fist. When mastered, it can be used to block an enemy's sword.

Brass KnucklesEdit

Brass knuckle

Well-crafted metal knuckles, useful for brawlers.

Yuri brass knuckle base ring
Base ATK Lv 1 ATK Lv 2 ATK Lv 3
P-ATK +61 +68 +75 +82
S-ATK +54 +60 +66 +73

Acupuncture Lv 1 Lv 2 Lv 3
Attack Power Cost 7500 15000 22500
Hit Area Cost 2500 5000 7500

Buy Price: -
Sell Price: 5000

Obtained: Find in Drop from Fox Face

The dream of any rough-and-tumble brawler, they are made of hand-forged brass and can raise the user's punching power enormously.

Silver TalonEdit

Silver talon

Holy silver claws that are easy to use.

Yuri silver talon base ring
Base ATK Lv 1 ATK Lv 2 ATK Lv 3
P-ATK +75 +83 +92 +100
S-ATK +67 +74 +82 +90

Acupuncture Lv 1 Lv 2 Lv 3
Attack Power Cost 12000 24000 36000
Hit Area Cost 4000 8000 12000

Buy Price: 16000
Sell Price: 8000

Obtained: Find in Drop from Nemeton Monastery

Silver claws gripped between the fingers. Easy to use and accurate due to their light weight. An excellent weapon for the powerful fighter-type. Very valuable.

Silver Wolf FangEdit

Silver wolf fang

Made from the enchanted fang of a wolf king.

Yuri silver wolf fang base ring
Base ATK Lv 1 ATK Lv 2 ATK Lv 3
P-ATK +85 +94 +104 +113
S-ATK +72 +80 +88 +96

Acupuncture Lv 1 Lv 2 Lv 3
Attack Power Cost 21975 43950 65925
Hit Area Cost 7325 14650 21975

Buy Price: -
Sell Price: 14650

Obtained: Chest in Nemeton Monastery

A weapon created from the fang of the wolf king, Vadelg. It is said to hold great power but no details are known because it has never been found.

Nightbird ClawEdit

Nightbird claw

Used by an ancient war god in magic-sealing.

Yuri nightbird claw base ring
Base ATK Lv 1 ATK Lv 2 ATK Lv 3
P-ATK +89 +98 +108 +118
S-ATK +85 +94 +104 +113

Acupuncture Lv 1 Lv 2 Lv 3
Attack Power Cost 37500 75000 112500
Hit Area Cost 12500 25000 37500

Buy Price: -
Sell Price: 25000

Obtained: Roger's House, after finishing the 10-spin-ring.

This weapon was said to have been used in ancient days by the god of war and that its wielder can summon the power of Ashura. Its true origin is a mystery.

Shadow Hearts: Covenant

These are all the weapons Yuri can obtain throughout Covenant.

Rusty FangEdit

01 - Rusty Fang

A rusty weapon for hand-to-hand combat.

Japanese Name: ラスティ ファング (Rasuti Fangu)

A knuckle mounted weapon. The rusty spikes make the wounds it inflicts all the more painful.

+11 +9

Buy Price: 640
Sell Price: 320



02 - Stinger

A steel hand-weapon that bristles with needles.

Japanese Name: スティンガー (Sutingā)

A common weapon for hand-to-hand combat in the middle ages. Forged from incredibly durable darksteel.

+22 +18
  • Cost: 960

Buy Price: 960
Sell Price: 480



03 - Bearclaw

A weapon made specifically to kill large creatures.

Japanese Name: ベアークロー (Beākurō)

Created by a famed bearfighter for hand-to-hand combat against the beasts. The spikes penetrate a human skull just as easily as bear-hide.

+33 +28

Buy Price: 1440
Sell Price: 720



04 - Gauntlet

A glove-like weapon with movable claws.

Japanese Name: アシエグリフ (Ashiegurifu)

A mechanized glove created during the industrial revolution. The blades can be vibrated during use to cause viciously deep wounds. Must be oiled frequently.

+47 +40

Buy Price: 2160
Sell Price: 1080


Phantom ClawEdit

05 - Phantom Claw

A weird claw-like weapon made of some kind of bone.

Japanese Name: ファントムクロー (Fantomu Kurou)

What kind of bone was used to make this? Features distinctive gruesome claws. Said to curse and poison those it cuts. Glows and groans as night falls.

+64 +55

Buy Price: 3240
Sell Price: 1620



06 - Hellfangs

A clawed weapon, stained black with blood.

Japanese Name: ヘルファング (Herufangu)

Gruesome weapon capable of disemboweling enemies with a single hit. The blade drips with blood no matter how thoroughly they are cleaned.

+85 +74

Buy Price: 4860
Sell Price: 2430



07 - Tigerclaw

An enchanted weapon shaped like a tiger's paw.

Japanese Name: 虎禍の爪 (Toramaga no Tsume)

Designed to mimic the claw of a tiger-like spirit that masquerades as a cat and attacks unwardy farmers. The wrist guard is covered with sharp claws.

+111 +98

Buy Price: 7290
Sell Price: 3645


Tortoise ClawEdit

08 - Tortoise Claw

A claw-like weapon carved from tortoiseshell.

Japanese Name: 玄甲の牙 (Genkou no Kiba)

Venerated by people who worshipped the turtle. Features a tortoiseshell grip and a laminated blade that cause jagged, hard-to-close wounds.

+143 +128

Buy Price: 10940
Sell Price: 5470


Phoenix FangEdit

09 - Phoenix Fang

A weapon infused with the spirit of the fire-bird.

Japanese Name: 灼鳳の爪 (Shakuhou no Tsume)

The fang of an ancient beast. Forged in the flames of a phoenix's tail. Even if broken during battle, it will repair itself by the next day.

+182 +165

Buy Price: 16400
Sell Price: 8200


  • Buy: Inugami Village


10 - Dragonfangs

A pair of living creatures shaped like claws.

Japanese Name: 龍哭の牙 (Ryuukoku no Kiba)

A pair of combative organisms that infest the arms of the user. Attacks enemies of their own free will--and occasionally their host as well.

+195 +177

Buy Price: -
Sell Price: 12300


  • Receive at Gerome Valley. Complete Sarah's three "Worshipper" trails.

Chimera ClawEdit

11 - Chimera Claw

Infused with power capable of obliterating a planet.

Japanese Name: 鵺の爪 (Nue no Tsume)

Calls forth the power of Tyr, Norse god of war. Capable of obliterating an entire planet. Fearful of its power, Roger hid it on the Moon.

+209 +188

Buy Price: -
Sell Price: 18450


  • Receive at Wales. Complete Roger's requests after finishing the Neam Ruins sidequest.

Director's CutEdit

The following weapon is an exclusive to the Director's Cut edition of the game, though it can be obtained via a cheating device.


Seaofwoods 19a

A panda and a "kappa" in one puppet.

Japanese Name: 猫熊 / 河童 (Nekokuma/Kappa)

A puppet with a split personality. Attacks enemies on sight. Occasionally engages in amusing dialogs with itself.

+256 +256

Buy Price: -
Sell Price: 29860



  • The Tigerclaw, Tortoise Claw, Phoenix Fang, and Dragonfangs are based on the creatures of the Four Symbols - the creatures that are guardians of the four cardinal directions; the White Tiger of the West, the Black Tortoise of the North, the Vermilion Bird of the South, and the the Azure Dragon of the East.
  • The Chimera Claw is a reference to the creature of the same name found in Greek mythology - typically depicted as having the body and face of a lion, an additional goat head, and the tail with the head of serpent.
    Its Japanese name, Nue no Tsume ("Nue Claws") is in reference to a similar composite creature in Japanese mythology, the Nue - a creature with the face of a monkey, the legs of a tiger, the body of a tanuki (Japanese raccoon dog) and the front half of a snake for a tail.

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