Shadow Hearts
HP 2000†
MP 120
Element Element dark Dark
P-ATK 168
P-DEF 65
Sp-ATK 95
Sp-DEF 90
AGL 50
LUC 46

Drain Wave
Dark Messenger (Instant Death)
Curse Attack

Location Blue Castle
Immunities -
EXP Gained -
Cash -
Soul Worth N/A
Item Drops N/A
NOTE †Transforms into Death Emperor

The Rude Hero: an enemy.

As a boss, Yuri is fought only at the tower in Blue Castle at the start of the Europe section of the game, when he loses his mind and turns against his allies. After taking enough damage he transforms into the Death Emperor.


No entry in Monster bestiary.

Battle StrategyEdit

"Wait, he's definitely not his normal self!"

Keep all of your players' HP high because Yuri and his fusion, Death Emperor can do a lot of damage to your party.

Have Keith attack Yuri with his physical attacks while Zhuzhen is using his special skills and healing if necessary. Alice should mainly heal the party and use Blessed Light when not healing.

Also Alice should cast "Holy Edge" on Keith will make Keith physically attack with light effectively against the dark-type Yuri.

Equiping the Warlock Earrings on Zhuzhen is a risky but effective strategy as the sage is focused on casting Special Skills. Once Yuri's HP is at a certain level he will transform into Death Emperor, the fused monster will attack with physical attacks and his special, "Dark Messager".

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