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Yuri Volte Hyuga Yuri Volte Hyuga
Yuri Volte Hyuga
Game Shadow HeartsShadow Hearts: CovenantChaos Wars
Kana ウルムナフ・ボルテ・ヒューガ
Romaji Urumunafu "Uru" Borute Hyūga
Voice actor(s) Ja-lgflag.gif Hiroki Takahashi
Voice actor(s) Uk-lgflag.jpg Eric Stuart (SH1),

Joe Cappelletti* (SH2)

Age 24 (SH1)

25 (SH2)

Eye color Red
Hair color Brown
Home Katsuragi, Japan
Weapon(s) Gloves, Claws, Fangs, Fists
Special Arts Fusion
Element Dark Element dark.gif

Yuri Volte Hyuga is the main character and primary protagonist of Shadow Hearts and Shadow Hearts: Covenant.

First introduced to the player as the "Rude Hero", he is a Harmonixer, one who possesses the ability to fuse with the souls of monsters he has defeated.

The first game finds him following the directions of a strange voice, which leads him to Manchuria, China where a train is escorting a vulnerable woman whom he has been instructed to protect.

The second game yields a distraught Yuri following the events of the first. With a World War blazing across Europe, he takes it upon himself to protect the sleepy town of Domremy from the German military. But his true adventure begins after an agent from the Vatican curses him with a sacred artifact, and he becomes embroiled with a sinister organisation who wish to use the war for their own ends.

Library Entry[]

Called "Godslayer" by the secret society, this anti-hero has the power of soul fusion. Defeated in Domremy and cursed by the Mistletoe, he has sworn revenge.

Rededicated to fighting for his beliefs and no longer affected by the curse of the Holy Mistletoe, Yuri stands triumphant with all his old enemies defeated.


Shadow Hearts[]


Little Yuri and his family

Born in 1889 to Japanese soldier Jinpachiro Hyuga and Anne, a mysterious Russian woman. Yuri was raised in Katsuragi, Japan until he was three years old, whereupon his family moved to China.

He had a happy childhood, loved his mother, and deeply admired his father, often playfighting with him.

When Yuri was ten, his father was ordered to go to Shanghai to fight a warlock, Dehuai. Yuri promised his father that he'd protect his mother until he came back. Not long after he left, on the night of a terrible storm, monsters sent by Dehuai attacked the homestead, intent on killing all inside.

Anne protects Yuri

Wearing the skins of their friends and neighbors, they sought to devour the pair. Tragically, Anne was killed by the monsters while attempting to shield Yuri from them. Seeing the life fade from her eyes distraught and enraged him, awakening his latent Harmonixer powers and transforming him into a beast.

When he regained consciousness, he found himself naked and covered in blood, surrounded by the bodies of the monsters he'd slain. He clung to his mother's corpse for a full night, sobbing and apologizing feeling that he'd broken his promise. Horrified, he eventually fled.

After the bloodbath

Yuri spent the following years wandering the land aimlessly, using his Harmonixer abilities to fight monsters. While he relished the opportunity to fight, he nursed a deep fear that one day the souls of the monsters he killed would overwhelm him. At some point, he defeated the souls that would later manifest themselves as the Four Masks.

He sought revenge for his mother's brutal murder and information on the whereabouts of his father - whom he desperately wished to still be alive. Some unspecified time after that, he began hearing a mysterious voice which ordered him to go to various places, kill monsters, and help the people. Unable to ignore the voice and wishing to learn what happened to his father, he went as the voice directed him.

While in Central Asia, it eventually led him to a certain train, which would change his life forever...

Meeting Alice[]

Yuri saves Alice

Aboard a separate carriage, and under heavy guard sat Alice Elliot - a woman with unusual mystical powers. A sinister Englishman, calling himself "Roger Bacon", attacked the train with his familiars in an attempt to capture her. Yuri intervened, and the pair managed to escape his clutches.

Coming into close contact with her, her spiritual powers inadvertently enhanced his ability to fuse, allowing him to fuse with other creatures. However, it also brought into being the embodiment of Yuri's greatest fear; the enigmatic Fox Face - the Grim Reaper in the form of his father and wearing a fox mask that Yuri wore in his childhood.

After fighting Fox Face, he awoke in the Graveyard only to be confronted by the Four Masks, who explained to him the nature of the Graveyard and malice. He awoke with new fusion and the now continuous burden of the malice meter.

He and Alice made their way across the plains, eventually coming to a small village, which had a somewhat sinister aura. Trapped in the village, they met the Li Zhuzhen, who helped them to exorcise the demons from the place, allowing them to leave.

Across Asia[]

After Yuri and Alice had parted ways from the Quack Oracle, they headed to the city of Fengtian, where, following an escapade with the renowned superspy, Margarete Gertrude Zelle, the three "borrowed" an airplane to elude the Japanese Army, who were determined to recapture Alice.

After crash-landing in the port town of Dalian, they met up once again with Zhuzhen and helped the town put an end to its terrible curse. Stranded in Dalian, they were offered a trip to Shanghai via boat by a very suspicious smuggler and her first mate. Realizing that they had no alternative, they agreed and set sail for Shanghai.

Drifting at sea and lost in an endless fog, the party took a brief moment to relax, with the exception of Yuri, who was ill because of his severe sea-sickness. Yuri wandered the deck in a befuddled daze until the boat was attacked by monsters sent by the Warlock, Dehuai, in his bid to capture Alice for his own nefarious schemes. Managing to defeat the monsters, the fog vanished, and the party was once again on their way to Shanghai.

Here, it didn't take long for the agents of Dehuai to catch up with them. During their stay at the local hotel, Zhuzhen revealed to Yuri that, not only was he friends with his father, but he was forced to kill him after the events of their battle with Dehuai, fifteen years prior when Dehuai attempted the Demon's Gate Invocation.

Yuri and Co face Dehuai

Although angry at first, he forgave Zhuzhen when it became apparent that Dehuai was planning to break the final seal that was halting his plan. Followed by Lt. Col Kawashima and her aide, Kato who previously disguise themselves as a smuggler, Yuri, and the others completed the trials and managed to make their way to Master Xifa, Zhuzhen's teacher and keeper of the seal. Dehuai, however, possessed Xifa's familiar and managed to capture Alice and break the final seal.

The temple crumbling around them, Master Xifa used the last of his power to teleport Yuri and the others to safety, where they were accosted by more of Dehuai's henchmen.

Desperate to get Alice back, and with the threat of Dehuai's plan looming, Yuri and the party decided to storm Dehuai's fortress.

With the aid of the Japanese military, they managed to infiltrate the building and fight their way to the warlock, who waited at the top of his fortress. Freeing Alice, the party did battle with Dehuai, only to learn that it was not the "Demon's Gate Invocation" he was attempting, but the Reverse Demon's Gate Invocation - to incarnate a God from the Earth itself.

He was soundly defeated by Yuri and company, his plan seemingly foiled. However, "Roger Bacon" appeared and revealed that he had other plans. Drawing upon his own power, he completed the ritual and summoned the Seraphic Radiance. Yuri ran towards the monster and attempted to fuse with it, trying to stop it. Unfortunately, the beast's will was too strong, and Yuri vanished completely, leaving the Seraphic Radiance to destroy Shanghai in a blaze of fire.

Six Months Later[]

Feral Yuri

Surviving the fusion attempt physically, but not mentally, Yuri managed to make his way to the tallest tower in Blue Castle, Transylvania, having flown via one of his fusions. Now completely mindless and feral, he was a danger to everyone and everything that came near.

Alice and Zhuzhen, meanwhile, had been searching for him in the intervening months and, with the help of the castle's resident Vampire, came across him in the tower. Unable to recognize them, Yuri attacked - but both he and Alice blacked out.

Awakening in the graveyard, Alice met the Four Masks within Yuri's soul, and, learning of his struggle, struck a deal so that she would take on the burden of his soul, and the malice in his heart, to their mocking delight.

She soon found Yuri digging his own grave and being taunted by Fox Face, mocking him for his failures and weakness. Alice argued with Fox Face, that Yuri hadn't given up and wasn't weak, only to be struck by him. This act snapped Yuri out of his reverie.

Yuri and Alice - together again

Brought back to his senses, Yuri finally defeated Fox Face, whose mask fell to reveal Yuri's own face staring back at him; Fox Face was a personification of Yuri's own doubts and fears. Rather than reject them, he embraced them as a part of himself.

His mind now restored, Yuri and the others set off together again to deal with the still lingering threat of "Roger Bacon".

Across Europe[]

Following a lead from Margarete, Yuri, and co. headed off to Rouen, where they encountered the extremely paranoid Father Doyle, a friend and former associate of Alice's father. Breaking into his church, they managed to get him to reveal information on a "Cardinal Albert Simon" who could assist them, and that the man lived in London. Unfortunately, he was killed by Arcane Olga before he could reveal any more information. Yuri and the others set off to London to track down this "Albert Simon".

Arriving in London, they were assisted by a group of young street thieves, and their head-strong leader, Halley, who took them to Albert Simon's mansion, which had since been converted into a suspicious Orphanage, run by a man named Jack.

The Mysterious Koudelka

The group was unable to gain entrance and returned to London. Upon arrival, however, the group learned that the orphans had been taken to the Orphanage, prompting them to investigate.

They discovered that Jack had been attempting the Emigre Ritual - to raise his mother from the dead. After stopping both Jack's and his monstrously reanimated dead mother, the voice in Yuri's head, which had been quiet for so long, spoke again and asked for aid.

Halley, recognized the voice as his mother's, directing Yuri to Calios Mental Hospital, where, after another encounter with Arcane Olga, they managed to free Halley's long-imprisoned mother, Koudelka Iasant.

Bacon once again appeared, and kidnapped Koudelka, though not before she told Yuri that the man called "Roger Bacon" was really "Cardinal Albert Simon" they had been looking for and that he was to head to Nemeton Monastery in Wales, and search for the real Roger Bacon.

Traveling to the ruined abbey, they encountered a strange-looking and wizened old man who claimed that he was the great magician, Roger Bacon, and that Albert Simon was one of his disciples, who had long ago turned to dark arts.

Troubled by the machinations of his former pupil, Roger allowed Yuri access to the abbey depths, where the ruins from an ancient civilization lay. At the heart of the complex, Yuri found Albert, who revealed his true plan to summon a "God from beyond the stars", so that he may cleanse the world of all its hatred and wickedness, and create a new paradise; a "new Eden".

Confronting Albert

Initially using Koudelka as an energy source, she fought back, and would have killed him were it not for his Soul Pact with the God of Wrath, Amon. Even with this power, Albert looked as though he had been bested - Yuri even managed to acquire Amon's soul as a fusion.

However, using the energy released from their fight, Albert was successful in raising the Neameto Float which would act as a beacon to the god and guide it to Earth. Powerless to stop him, Yuri and the others watched as the Float rose up through the earth and ascend into space.

Fortunately, Roger had devised a teleportation device, which could take them all to the Float to stop Albert and try to prevent "God" from destroying the world. Alice, bearing the full burden of the Four Mask's curse, began to weaken drastically, as her soul was being devoured by Atman, the leader of the Four Masks. Though Yuri noticed, Alice refused to tell him and confided in Margarete that she was slowly dying, begging her to not tell the others. Despite this, the party made their way through the "Mad God's Castle" where they came across Albert who awaited them in the "Generator room".

God descends

After a rather amiable exchange between the two, Yuri acknowledged the good behind Albert's intentions and Albert praised Yuri's determination, they fought, finally defeating Albert.

As he lay dying, Albert, confident that Yuri and the others might indeed be able to change their fates and save the world, used the last of his energy to send them into space, to do battle with "God" itself.

Hovering many, many miles above the Earth, with even the gigantic Float a mere blip in the distance, the Meta God arrived, having traveled over fifty thousand light-years from a distant nebula. Using all their strength, Yuri and his friends managed to defeat the creature and save the world from complete destruction. As it died the Float began to crumble and sink back into the sea, though not before Yuri and the others were teleported back to Earth.


The Train Ride

Returning to Earth triumphant, Yuri and Roger hid the Three Ancient Tomes inside the Neam Ruins, which had been unearthed by the rise of the Neam Float, so that people would not be able to find them and abuse their power.

Having saved the planet, Alice and Yuri boarded a train to Zurich to visit Alice's mother and to start living the rest of their lives with one another. Tragically though, on the way to Zurich, the curse of the Four Masks became too much for Alice to bear and she died, resting against Yuri.

YuriAliceSH Bad End.jpg
With tears in his eyes, Yuri cradled her in his arms until the train arrived at Zurich. Once there, he met up with Alice's uncle Gepetto, and then he dug her grave with his own hands and buried her in his overcoat. As a final gift, he left Anne's Cross, a memento from his mother, on her gravestone.

As if to match his turmoil and grief, World War One began.

Yuri buries Alice

Traveling to the sleepy village of Domremy with his new companion, Yuri befriended the locals, including a young girl, Jeanne, and her pet wolf Blanca. He protected it from invading forces taking on the form of Amon. Without direction or purpose in his life, Yuri had become apathetic and considered spending his remaining days in Domremy, until he passed on peacefully or was killed trying to defend the village.

Shadow Hearts: Covenant[]

The Demon of Domremy[]

Amon SH2 Early Trailer.jpg
Having settled in the town of Domremy, Yuri used his Fusion powers to scare away the invading German soldiers and protect the villagers from the ever-advancing German army.

A squad lead by Lieutenant Karin Koenig, attempting to capture the village, encountered Yuri - in the guise of Amon - in the village church, and a firefight broke out. During the confusion, he managed to save her from an errant grenade, leaving her the only survivor of her squad.

Karin, intrigued by her experience with the "Demon of Domremy", returned to the village with Cardinal Nicolas "Nicolai" Conrad - an emissary from the Vatican, having first procured the Holy Mistletoe, a sacred artifact with the purpose of "combating evil".

Saving Karin

They met Yuri inside the church, where Nicolai revealed his true intentions - he was a member of Sapientes Gladio - a secret society bent on establishing a new world order - and they had deemed the power of Amon he gained from defeating Albert Simon was too much of a threat to be left unchecked.

After engaging in a fight with Nicolai, Yuri was stabbed with the mistletoe, which cursed him, sealing away his fusion powers, before he passed out.

Yuri stabbed with the Holy Mistletoe

Awakening in the Graveyard, he discovered a large "tree" with his form embedded in the trunk, had mysteriously taken root.

The shade of Jeanne, who had been killed by Nicolai's henchmen, appeared and promised that she'd attempt to find a way to halt the curse of the mistletoe.

Awaking in the Ardennes Forest, after being dragged to safety by Gepetto and Blanca, with Karin following, Yuri confirmed with Gepetto that the curse had sealed his Fusion powers, forcing him to begin anew.

On the run from Sapientes Gladio, the group fled to Paris to consider their next course of action, eventually deciding to consult Roger Bacon on both the secretive organization, and if there was a method to reverse Mistletoe's curse.

All Across Europe[]

Meeting Kato

On his travels to Wales, Yuri encountered both Joachim Valentine - the older brother of his friend Keith - and Yoshiko Kawashima's former aide, Masaji Kato, who had since been promoted to an ambassador.

They spoke about the deaths of their loved ones; during their earlier adventures in Europe, Kawashima had been assassinated by her father's political rivals. Kato feigned ignorance of Sapientes Gladio, but wished him well.

Arriving at Wales, it was discovered that Roger had been kidnapped. Lenny Curtis, leader of the Sapientes Gladio Iron Claws, who had tracked Yuri from Paris, was tricked into blurting out Roger's location; Florence, Italy.

The Émigré Manuscript

During Yuri's investigations in Italy, he encountered the fortune-teller Lucia, and her mistress, Carla, who was an ex-member of the secret society who had left due to its brutal methods.

After a misunderstanding where she believed they were Sapientes Gladio assassins sent to kill her, and trying to feed Yuri and his friends to a giant cat, she directed them to Sapientes Gladio Italian Headquarters.

Roger, however had already been moved; and instead they encountered Nicolai, who demanded the Émigré Manuscript in exchange for Roger.

Assisting Roger

With no alternative, Yuri retrieved the forbidden tome from the monster-infested ruins and was directed to go to St Marguerite Island; a prison island where Roger was being held.

Although the group was successful in rescuing Roger, the Émigré Manuscript wound up in the hands of Nicolai, who passed it on to Kato, with whom he had been secretly negotiating.

Returning to Wales, Roger told Yuri of Sapientes Gladio's history, and that its leader, Grigori Yefimovich Rasputin, was planning to appoint himself as the of the new ruler of the Russian Empire, and depose the ruling Romanov dynasty.

Squaring up Rasputin.

Onboard Roger's latest invention, the Bacon Jet, he flew Yuri and his allies to Russia; Rasputin's base of operations.

Arriving in the City of Petrograd, Yuri was able to save the life of Princess Anastasia Romanov, who had uncovered Rasputin's scheming, and foiling her would-be assassin. After some persuading, they accompanied her to the Winter Palace as her "bodyguards".

Despite a frosty audience with Empress Alexandra, Rasputin - amused at Yuri's presence, convinced her to allow them to stay. He and Yuri sized the other up, before Rasputin casually made his way to the palace shrine.

Yuri's fists prove ineffectual.

Using his magics to cover the palace in a magic fog, Rasputin goaded Yuri into attacking him. A move that proved fruitless for Yuri, as Rasputin was protected by the power of his soul pact with Asmodeus.

Rasptuin called upon the power of the Mistletoe, debilitating Yuri, before effortlessly dispatching his allies, and framing them as assassins, who had placed Anastasia under their spell, and wanted to kill the Tsesarevich, young Prince Alexei.

Realizing that Rasputin was far too powerful to deal with, Yuri and his companions fled, and regrouped with Roger to plan. In the meantime, Roger had tracked down Bishop Jovis Abraham, the former head of Sapientes Gladio, who had helped train, but was then usurped by Rasputin.

Yuri Meets Jovis SH2.jpg
They met with Jovis in Turkey, where he explained to them that the only way to defeat Rasputin was to use a similar power against him - the power of the God of Wrath, Amon. The power that lay dormant within Yuri. A power that Jovis' old friend, and Yuri's old foe, Albert Simon had intended to aid him in stopping Rasputin, before he was defeated by Yuri.

Entering the Graveyard

He explained that there was a way to regain the power of Amon, and a ritual to enter Yuri's soul but the price for failure was insanity. Though Jovis initially planned to go with Yuri, Karin begged to go instead.

In the Graveyard, the pair met again with Jeanne, and the way was opened to the "Door of the God of Wrath". Inside, the place appeared as strange mirrored castle, where he and Karin had to traverse through mirrors to eventually reach a grand chamber.

Facing Amon.

At its end, a great sigil of Amon was carved, and a large mirror dominated the wall. Rather than Yuri's reflection, however, it was replaced with Amon. The demon-god stepped through the mirror, and charged its power.

Yuri and Karin defeated Amon, but were surprised when, after stepping into the mirror, the strange castle had been replaced with an exposed hill, with a familiar man seated upon a bench, gesturing Yuri to come.

Old Enemies

Yuri sat with Albert, whose soul now resided within a nearly forgotten part of Yuri's memories. They talked, with Yuri feeling a pang of guilt, that by stopping Albert, he had let a greater evil manifest. Albert reassured Yuri of his convictions, and gave him his blessing - Yuri had, after all, not only defeated him, but also a god, and that only he believed that only a man like Yuri could stop Rasputin.

They bid farewell, and Yuri and Karin returned to the real world.

Yuri Karin Death of Jovis.jpg
Despite his assistance, Jovis was frail and nearing the end of his life. Still struggling with doubts, Yuri came to Jovis one final time. Jovis warned he sensed another power had been awakened in a soul pact - the fallen Angel Astaroth, although he did not know with whom it was.

Jovis told Yuri that there was no shame in fear, or doubt. Good and evil were a choice. Yuri pledged to the man that he would defeat Rasputin - the world's safety was now in his hands, before sprinting off in a mix of purposefulness in his resolve, and sorrow for the death of Jovis.

Yuri returned to Russia, determined to stop Rasputin. Creeping through the catacombs beneath the city, he and his allies managed to make their way to the palace ballroom, and stop an assassination attempt on the Tzar.

Yuri, about to kick ass.

Anastasia presented her father with proof of Rasputin's treachery, causing Rasputin to flee to the roof, as his forces began to bomb the city from an airship. Yuri followed, cornering him.

Rasputin theatrically threw himself from the roof, only to land on the airship. With a smug grin, Yuri fused into Amon, taking chase, and tearing apart the airship guns. Rasputin's puzzlement grew to horror, when he saw Yuri had regained the power of Amon, and tried to blast him off the ship, which Yuri shrugged off.


With all his might, Amon punched through Rasputin's shield, blowing him away and annihilating the airship.

Remarkably, Rasputin survived, but severely weakened, called upon Asmodeus to fufill his soul pact, fully possessing him, becoming Asmodeus-Rasputin.

Yuri and his allies confronted him in his newly summoned fortress, the Idar Flamme, where once again he tried to call upon the curse of the Mistletoe, although this time, Yuri brushed it off, barely affected.

They fought, finally putting a stop to Rasputin. As he lay dying, he told Yuri of the true horror of his curse - that it'll kill his soul, robbing him of his memories and will, leaving him an empty husk, and that there was no way to stop it. He also told them that Nicolai was at the Vatican planning to unleash a flood of malice upon the world.

With Rasputin dead, Yuri and his companions made their way to Apoina Tower in a bid to stop Nicolai. At its summit, Nicolai told him that his grievance with Yuri was personal, a matter of pride, before unleashing the pent-up malice into the world.

Despite revealing that he had acquired the power of Astaroth, he was no match for Yuri. As Yuri stepped forward to finish Nicolai, he was surprised by the sudden appearance of Kato who stepped between them, and took Nicolai under his protection.

Kato explained that Nicolai was next in line to the Russian Tzardom, and as such, as a representative of Japan - a Russian ally - could not allow Yuri to kill him.

Confused, Yuri rushed towards him, only for Kato to blast him aside. He told Yuri to seek another way to live, before announcing his return to the Japanese capital, and teleporting away.

Three Months Later[]

After the events in Apoina Tower, Yuri and his allies flew on the Bacon Jet to Japan in pursuit of Kato and Nicolai.

Making it to Hokkaido, the Bacon Jet crashed after Anastasia made an impromptu stop to photograph some bears, leaving them to board a ship to the mainland, leaving Yuri incapacitated with terrible sea-sickness.

After he recovered, he witnessed the drive-by-kidnap of a young girl, from her bodyguard, a young samurai named Kurando Inugami. They offered to help the girl's "Father" and Kurando's master, find the girl.

Blanca tracked down her scent and led them to the Battleship Mikasa, where she was being held captive by Lieutenant Colonel Terada, and his platoon of Iron Soldiers, on orders from Foreign Minister Kantaro Ishimura. After a brief struggle, he fled and they rescued the girl, who revealed her name to be "Yoshiko Kawashima" - the same name as the woman who helped Yuri in his last adventure.

His suprise was shortlived when the captain of the ship captured them at gunpoint and put them in the brig.

Three days later, they were all released due to Anastasia carrying ambassadorial papers, and Naniwa Kawashima's good word. Due to the ongoing war and Karin's status as a German officer, she was documented as a Russian called "Anne", which caused Yuri to think about his late mother.

They accompanied Naniwa to the Foreigner's Cemetery to visit his late daughter's grave.

However, Minister Ishimura's sorcerer, Garan the Oracle, dragged them into the Otherworld. Kurando briefly lost control of himself and, using the powers of Fusion (to Yuri's suprise), transformed into a monster and and attacked.

He soon recovered, and they tracked down the pint-sized warlock to deal with him; Yuri grossed out by his appearance, and calling him "Baby-head", managed to defeat him and return to the real world.

Standing at the foot of Yoshiko Kawashima's grave, Yuri told Naniwa that he had met her, and described her fondly to both him and his adopted daughter of the same name.

With some downtime, he and Karin headed to to a park in Nihonbashi where they sat and talked about their lives. He told her about his childhood in China, his father, the Japanese soldier, stopping the warlock Dehuai, and his mother's death.

He reflected on the fact that he thought he was working to stop everything his father died for by standing against the Imperial army. Karin told him to consider that his father might not have done things he did for Japan, but for the sake of Yuri and Anne, telling him of her own family history.

Yuri thanked her, and they began to speak about his mother; how she seemed lonely, but was happy as long as she could be with Yuri and Jinpachiro. He used to get angry with his father for not being there for her, and it was she he named him "Yuri". He didn't know why, but thought it might have been the name of her first love.

Their bonding was cut short when she asked him if he still loved Alice. Trying to avoid answering the question, he faked a stomach ache and tried to run off. Karin chased after him, but the pair were stopped when they heard the sound of explosions and people screaming.

They were confronted by a looming monster, in whom Yuri could detect something of Nicolai and Astaroth. Despite chasing the creature off, its spilt blood spawned yet more monsters.

The Japanese army sent in Iron soldiers to contain the creatures, but they were all killed. Kato suddenly appeared out of nowhere with his Mutant Apes - his trio of enhanced supersoldiers - to assist Yuri, and clear a path to the main creature. He took note of Ouka, the woman of the trio, feeling that she reminded him of someone he knew.

After defeating the beast, Yuri demanded answers from Kato; he had sensed Nicolai, and he knew Kato had the Émigré Manuscript, and had Nicolai stashed away; he demanded to know who was pulling the strings, and was determined to put a stop to them.

Kato tried to gently dissuade him, but impressed with his resolve, told him where to find Nicolai, warning him that he would face fierce resistance if he tried to attack. Yuri let him walk away, and returned to Naniwa for more information.

Naniwa told him that the man who had been manipulating everything was Foreign Minister Kantaro Ishimura - he was in charge of the Iron Soldiers, and thought he might have planned to use Nicolai as a puppet ruler to further Japanese Imperial interests in the West, possibly even opening up another front in the war.

Yuri question Kato's involvement, before thinking about the strange Ouka woman; she had been the spitting image of Yoshiko Kawashima. He had not been present for her death, only told by Kato that she had been assassinated, so was unsure if it was the same person, but resolved to ask her when they met.

Sneaking in to the Hojo Research Lab disguised as guards, they found Nicolai being experimented on in an attempt to harness the power of Astaroth.

They could only watch as the experiment failed, and Nicolai's ego was swallowed up, leaving him possessed by Astaroth.

The demon broke free of his bonds, and vapourised his captors. Astaroth sensed Yuri and told him to stop hiding. Yuri cockily greeted him, while Astaroth just sneered, before vanishing.

Fleeing the lab, they were ambushed by the irate Dr Hojo, who attacked them in a mecha. He was swiftly dealt with, and they returned once again to Naniwa's, unsure of where to go next.

Yuri was fearful of the power that Astaroth held, and how devastating it could be now it was freed from any kind of constraints Nicolai could have imposed on it. He briefly thought of his failed attempt to fuse with the Seraphic Radiance, and how it destroyed Shanghai.

Though he felt hopeless, Naniwa told him that there was a person waiting for him in Katsuragi - The Forest of Wind - who could help.

All Across Asia[]

The Émigré Manuscript[]

Faith or Fate[]

Yuri's Fate[]

At the end of the game the player is allowed to choose what Yuri values most: the desire for a peaceful life, or the desire to retain his memories and identity.

In the good ending, Yuri chooses to beat the Mistletoe's curse by ending his life before the curse destroys his soul. Yuri's is impaled by the upheaval phenomena in Takamagahara, killing him but preserving his memories. His soul is raised from the Mistletoe tree in his mind by Alice, and the two embrace.

Unexpectedly, this also sends him back to the time and place he remembers most fondly; the Manchurian railway in 1913, the fateful day before he met Alice. It is suggested that he retains his memories of what happened in Shadow Hearts: Covenant. In a developer's interview within the Japanese Shadow Hearts: Covenant guidebook that this is the 'canon' conclusion to the game, and Yuri would go on to relive the events of the first game and save Alice's soul in the process, thus making both endings of Shadow Hearts canon.

In the bad ending, Yuri opts to sacrifice his soul in exchange for a peaceful, untroubled life. He fades away in Takamagahara, as does the soul in his mind. Yuri ends up in 1918, the year when World War I finished and found by Roger Bacon who had been searching for him ever since. Deeply saddened that Yuri has lost his soul and memories, Roger refers to Yuri as his "son" and brings him home where Yuri lives out the rest of his days.


In the original Shadow Hearts, Yuri wears a long brown trenchcoat with a red shirt and brown leather pants. He wears a waist satchel tied around his waist with a series of intricately tied buckles.


When first seen in Shadow Hearts, he seems rather stand-offish, facetious, cold. However, despite his gruff demeanor, he proves to be very loyal to those that do put up with him. Eventually during the course of the adventure and finally dealing with the problems that being a Harmonixer has brought on him instead of running away, Yuri falls in love with Alice.

In Shadow Hearts: Covenant, his personality changes a bit, probably because of his beloved Alice's death at the conclusion of the first game. Yuri retains his wittiness, but his willingness to show it isn't as persistent.

Skill & Ability[]


Yuri fights with his hands, utilizing various gauntlets made from a variety of metals. He has martial arts training probably taught to him by his father Ben Hyuga, as both of their stances and attacks are the same. Although he is unable to use magic normally, his fusion forms allow him to use elemental magic based on what he fuses with.

In Shadow Hearts: Covenant, Yuri is one of the characters able to have up to five Hit Areas, alongside with Joachim and Kurando. He is capable of becoming the second strongest damage dealer in the whole game, after Joachim.

Yuri also has the highest Sanity Points in the party in both games, so as to allow him to stay in a fusion form for a reasonable amount of time.

Shadow Hearts[]

Yuri's Standard Attack

Shadow Hearts: Covenant[]

Yuri's High Angle Attack

Yuri's Hard Hit Attack


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Harmonixer Fusion
Name Description Image
Fusion Allows Yuri to become one of many fusion beasts. Fusion.jpg


Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!! (Beginning when fusing)

"Bite Me!"(Throughout SH:C)

"That was a pretty good warm-up." (Victory: SH:C)

"Where's my apology?" (Victory: SH:C)

"That wasn't even a workout." (Victory: SH:C)

"If that's all they've got, no problem." (Victory: SH:C)

"Stay out of my way." (Victory: SH:C)

"I wish you'd shove it. You know where." (In SH:C)

Appearances outside Shadow Hearts[]

Yuri has also appeared in Chaos Wars as one of the many cross-over characters from the Shadow Hearts series.

His ultimate skill is to transform into Dark Seraphim and use "For the Child...", the same as in Shadow Hearts: Covenant.

His broken pendant serves as a representation of the Dark Seraphim's power.


  • Despite being so gruff and rude, Yuri has shown that he is not only afraid of ghosts in the second game but proves to be easily susceptible to sea-sickness in the first after leaving Dalian.
  • Out of all the characters in the series with Fusion abilities it is notable that Yuri has the most forms.