Zhongyun Zhen Zhongyun Zhen
Zhongyun Zhen
Game Shadow Hearts
Kana 陣大人*
Romaji Jin Otona*
Age Unknown
Eye color Brown
Hair color Black, (Graying)
Home Shanghai
Element Wind Element wind.gif

Library Entry[edit | edit source]

A hero who fought against Dehuai 15 years ago in Shanghai. He still remembers his old collegaue, Colonel Hyuga. His health has declined since he gave up his bar.

Bio[edit | edit source]

Zhongyun Zhen (陣 宗雲) had been a good friend of Ben Hyuga's, being also indebted to him. Apparently, Hyuga had saved him in Tongliao, though he doesn't go into any specifics past that.

His bar had originally been opened as a base of operations for the two to track and plan against Dehuai. However, the real reason why Hyuga was interested in the bar was because of his worry for Zhen's young daughter, Quihua.

Talk Portrait

As time went on, his health declined, and eventually one of Dehuai's thugs, Wugui, had taken ownership of the bar. During this time Zhen and Quihua were forced to work under him. Eventually thanks to Zhuzhen and Yuri, he regains ownership of his bar.

Zhen is also an avid fan of pit fights. Any character may participate in a series of fights for prizes by talking to him any time after defeating Wugui at the bar.

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