Element earth Zonda
Game Shftnwlogo1
Kana ゾンタ
Romaji Zonta
Voice actor(s) Ja-lgflag Wataru Hatano
Voice actor(s) Uk-lgflag Uncredited
Age 28
Eye color Brown
Hair color Black
Home Grand Canyon
Element Earth Element earth

Zonda is a character from Shadow Hearts: From the New World. He is Shania's betrothed, but understands her desire to fulfill her goal and that she may not love him.

Library EntryEdit

Young chief of the Gada who live in the Grand Canyon. Promised to Shania by his parents. Still feels a sense of inferiority as chieftain compared to his father.


He assists the characters in several ways, from supporting Shania's goal to letting them have one of the Rings needed to keep the Gate close. The Ring is symbolic in that Zonda was told to give it to the woman he was to marry, but sees that Shania doesn't love him and tells her that she's just borrowing it and can return it when she's done with it, although he wishes she would keep it forever. He also hands over two Stellars and the Eagle Statue.


He is the leader of the Grand Canyon tribe and is looked up to by all his people. His tribe watches over the Shrine that holds Tatan'Ka, Shania's second fusion form. He will ask someone not to do something, but won't stop them if their determination is strong. He doesn't care about the world or of its impending doom, but knows that things will turn out alright.


"Although it seems cold, I do not care. The world may end up destroyedbut the feelings of crisis do not touch me. I am not a man of greatnesslike my father once was... The Gate's appearance means one thing...that the many legends about this ring...are all true."

"I wish that you would keep it forever."


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